V. Under the Moonlight

Исполнитель: Seventh Dimension
В альбоме: Circle of Life
Длительность: 12:20
Стиль: Разное

На английском языке: Переведено:
Even though the darkness
Can seem to be eternal
A time will come when
There will be given a reason
To the reversed world
A familiar voice of the past
Will remind a man of a life
And of his personal paradise
But how much faith and hope
Can be received by such a subtle voice?

(“No, John”)
(“Life isn’t always what it seems like”)
(“No, I don’t”)
(“I just want you to be prepared”)
(“On the television?)
(“No, never here”)
(“But you must be aware about the fact”)
(“It really exists”)
(“Those things happen out there”)
(“You must know that”)
(“In case something happens”)
(“You must be strong”)
(“Can you promise me this?”)
(“Things always happen in the wrong moments, John”)
(“I’m glad you’re aware about that”)
(“But everybody doesn’t have it like this”)
(“Life is a circle through day and night”)
(“Just like Rose says”)
(“An eight through the sun and the moon?”)
(“Did she say so?”)
(“She means the eight stands for eternity”)
(“So, please”)
(“Never believe that the sun has died down”)
(“It’ll always come back”)
(“Sooner or later”)
(“I love you too, my son”)

I wake up again
This familiar voice is repeating
I turn my head, an orb of
Light is there to guide me
It’s taking me to a place
A place I’ve never seen before
A sacred lake in the night
Then came a blinding light

I fall down on my knees
I am ready to listen
Staring into the moonlight
Reflecting on what I have done
I feel the remorse hit me hard

I cry, trying to understand life
The anger leaves me, desperation survives
This voice, explaining everything
Still I can’t understand

How that perfect life
The sense of immortality
That endless dream
Didn’t survive

Хотя в темноте
Может быть, кажется, навсегда
, есть причина,
, Чтобы оборотная мир
знакомый голос из прошлого
напоминает человеку жизнь
И его личный рай
Но сколько веры и надежды
Могут быть получены, например, через тонкий голос?

(\”Нет, Джон\

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